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Vueling / Iberia Tricks – the low fare airline farse

January 28, 2010 4 comments

As a consumer, I hate to be taken advantage of! The consumer attention & care that airlines give these days is on the borderline of being criminal. No wonder they’re loosing money by the bucket loads!

What’s got me raving today is those so called “low-fare” flights! As if it weren’t enough that for the lure of a cheap fare, they charge you for every single inch they can, my most recent experience with Vueling (Spanish low-fare airline recently merged w/ Iberia) a few minutes ago is absolutely shameful! My wife & I are going away for a weekend trip to Ibiza, and chose not to pay anywhere from 3€ to 30€ (depending on seat choice) to assign ourselves a seat. The booking & online checking were made jointly, so obviously they know we’re flying together.

Their automated seating assignment put us into the very last rows, and to boot, put us into separate rows, when 3/4 of the plane is still empty! I have no issue with being put “toward” the rear for them to try & make some extra money by people choosing to sit more toward the front, but a joint booking & Vueling puts us in separate seats? In separate rows? Do you really think I don’t get the trick?

Sure, it’s a 30 minute flight & it’s cheap, but what has me furious is the “trick” to try & squeeze and extra buck out of you!

Shame on you Vueling!!! What used to be a good service that I would highly recommend to clients & friends. Now you’re just another provider on the list of poor customer service & consumer value!

For the other airlines out there, take care of your revenue sources, because choices are abundant!