Strategic Summits – Seminars & Webinars


  • Available shortly

Mini-Strategic Summits

Driven by my passion and purpose to empower every relationship I touch, I am currently offering sessions which traditionally cost 275€ per participant for free. Why? Because I’d like to give-back to the various communities that have embraced me throughout my career!

What is a mini-Strategic Summit?
  • A 2 hour condensed version of a hands-on highly practical workshop
  • Participant’s challenges are addressed amongst experienced peers
  • Free of Charge for professionals meeting qualification criteria listed below
  • Register for the next event by clicking on the respective available date below
Who should attend?
  • R.S.V.P. / Invitation ONLY (register to receive your invitation below)
  • Entrepreneurs and or Senior Executives (CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s, CXO’s)
  • >10 million € in revenue and/or profitable (likelihood to be profitable) and funded ventures
  • We guarantee that competing businesses are never present in the same session
  • Individuals with an identified “Pain Factor” / Issue to Resolve
  • Limited capacity of 12 attendees per session
  • A pre-session questionnaire describing the current challenge faced will determine final qualification
What can you expect to gain from attending a mini-Strategic Summit?
  • Effective Solutions to your current challenges
  • Practical personal & professional learning, development & growth
  • Highly effective tools & frameworks
  • Connection to like-minded individuals
What is the format of a mini-Strategic Summit?
  • Thursday bi-weekly 2 hour sessions starting at 19h00
  • @ Rotating locations/venues as offered by supporting organizations (to-be announced)
  • Sessions in Portuguese, Castellano or English depending on the make-up of the audience
  • Actual Session format
    • Pulse Check
    • Ground Rules & Moderator Introduction
    • Group Individual Introductions (max 2 min ea.)
    • Relevant Case Study
    • Group Working Breakouts
    • Recap & Present Breakouts Discussions & Solutions
    • Moderator Practical Feedback & Tools
    • Group Individual Commitments
    • Needs & Leads
    • Pulse Check, Summary & Close
Dates Barcelona, Spain

These sessions are guaranteed to be unique experiences drawing upon the collective talent & experience present, as well as more than 25 years of highly successful Problem Solving & Decisions Making internationally.

Mini-Strategic Summits will be on offer during my extended international stop-overs, so stay tuned for upcoming dates & locations.

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