The Strategy Guy

The Strategy Guy

I’m currently based in Barcelona, Spain….

and executing everywhere.

Considering myself a lifetime “intrepreneur”, turned entrepreneur almost a decade ago, I live my passion and purpose to empower every relationship I touch through strategic alignment, implementation of grass roots operational efficiencies, and proven emotional intelligence principles, whilst working with fast growing company’s to reach FIVE times their current size.

Having seen it all from every angle; bottom-up, top-down, inside-out & outside-in, initially at such prestigious organizations as Thomson Reuters, Sun Microsystems and Hewlett Packard, my most recent work with entrepreneurs of every imaginable stage allows me to bring to the table a unique set of “roll-up your sleeves” facilitation skills which transcend traditional industry verticals.

Having now practiced my solutions across 5 continents over the past 25 years, I’ve found that working with a practical everyday mindset is guaranteed to be both fun and a highly rewarding experience. My focus of blending emotional intelligence with behavioral kinetics, guarantees every key-stakeholder walks away with immediate, practical, personal & professional take-home growth experiences. As a collective, you’ll walk away strategically aligned, literally on-the-same-page, and clearly focused on how to effectively execute your strategy.

With a bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences & Robotics, preceded by an Electrical Engineering discipline, I often joke that my formal studies gave me the unique ability to take very large and complex problems, break them down into small bite size issues, and then address the root cause of each to ensure effective resolutions. It was with this practical background, coupled with strong project management problem solving & decision making skills, with which I embarked on my real world MBA in Effective Business Management. Along the way, my extensive customer service background ensures focus on customer/brand loyalty at all levels.

Please send your inquiries to me @ JC Duarte

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