Working internationally with fast growing companies in highly complex business environments, these same organizations have reached FIVE times their current size through strategic alignment, implementation of grass roots operational efficiencies, and proven emotional intelligence principles.

Regardless of the situations encountered, more than 25 years and 5 continents later, immediate change has been affected through the ability of blending extensive practical experience, an accumulated network and proven action steps once a success strategy has been defined.

As a consequence, clients have witnessed immediate results, followed by long lasting transition in enterprises of all shapes & sizes. A fundamental component of every engagement, these practices are based on the guiding principles of emotionally intelligence and universal buy-in at every level of an organization.

“The execution of an idea is always more important than the brilliance of the thought, and people will do something, including changing their behavior, if only it can be demonstrated that doing so is in their own best interests as defined by their own core values.”

Knowledge transfer is yet another key ingredient in your success strategy, and therefore in working with your team, tools, mechanisms & methodologies that will increase practical knowledge are a guaranteed takeaway for every individual. This can only be accomplished by fulfilling on academic requirements, explained in clear enough terms, and thus translating into actionable lessons “the” who, where, when, why, how & what must be accomplished to achieve success.

Organizations that have implemented these practices, within only 3 to 6 months experienced 30-40% revenue growth, 10-25% increased gross margins, and / or significantly increased customer satisfaction & loyalty.

If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, then please contact JC Duarte for an initial free consultation.

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