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Vueling / Iberia Tricks – the low fare airline farse

As a consumer, I hate to be taken advantage of! The consumer attention & care that airlines give these days is on the borderline of being criminal. No wonder they’re loosing money by the bucket loads!

What’s got me raving today is those so called “low-fare” flights! As if it weren’t enough that for the lure of a cheap fare, they charge you for every single inch they can, my most recent experience with Vueling (Spanish low-fare airline recently merged w/ Iberia) a few minutes ago is absolutely shameful! My wife & I are going away for a weekend trip to Ibiza, and chose not to pay anywhere from 3€ to 30€ (depending on seat choice) to assign ourselves a seat. The booking & online checking were made jointly, so obviously they know we’re flying together.

Their automated seating assignment put us into the very last rows, and to boot, put us into separate rows, when 3/4 of the plane is still empty! I have no issue with being put “toward” the rear for them to try & make some extra money by people choosing to sit more toward the front, but a joint booking & Vueling puts us in separate seats? In separate rows? Do you really think I don’t get the trick?

Sure, it’s a 30 minute flight & it’s cheap, but what has me furious is the “trick” to try & squeeze and extra buck out of you!

Shame on you Vueling!!! What used to be a good service that I would highly recommend to clients & friends. Now you’re just another provider on the list of poor customer service & consumer value!

For the other airlines out there, take care of your revenue sources, because choices are abundant!

  1. January 29, 2010 at 8:56 PM
  2. January 30, 2010 at 11:35 AM

    Dear Alex.. as a person who moves deep in the entrepreneurial circles of Barcelona, I’ve heard enough, from 1st hand contacts with you via good friends of mine, to know that you’re a smart business man and therefore I highly doubt that you personally would respond to my post by sending me a link, in Spanish, telling me about your “cost control” policy for 2010.

    What does “cost control” have to do with my experience? I got on the plane last night, which was 3/4 full & so I was able to move to a joint seat with my wife anyway, but again, it’s about the “principle” of how you go about conducting your business. I have an engineering background and I work with allot of internet start-ups, so I know that the few lines of code it would take to to me next to my wife (co-passenger on a joint booking) is just as easy to write as it is to frustrate me by placing her in 28B when I’m in 29A. Based on your response, obviously from a customer service agent, I would also highly encourage you to give better training to these agents, after all, they are “signing off” with your name.

    Thanks (at least) for acknowledging my complaint..

  3. anotherbumonvuelingseat
    April 16, 2010 at 10:52 PM

    Customer Service? Vueling doesn’t even know how to spell it! How’s this for lack of customer facing service. I write this, as upteen hundreds of fellow Vueling sufferers are feeling their way along this pea-souper of a day due to the tons of icelandic ash clogging the atmosphere. I’m the “lucky” recipient of a Vueling ticket due to fly out of Heathrow to La la la Coruna at 17:35. I’ve been trying all day to get through to them to change my ticket via their contact telephone numbers in sunny Barcelona! Guess what? These numbers are not recognised by the operator! What alternatives are there to change this “lucky” ticket for an even “luckier” one? Ah, let’s change it via their web page, you might say. They’ll kindly shoe-horn me into row 31 (the toilet) for 260 euros! What a bargain! Now, that’s what I call a low-cost airline! Plan B: make use of travel card to get to Heathrow where we’re 100% likely to find a Vueling Customer Service Provider, who can sort it all out in no time! Well, no such provider exists. Outside the boundaries of the sunny Catalonian nation! This is a totally humanly faceless enterprise run on very low cost principles. It’s very low-cost for Iberia to operate and high-cost for suckers like me to use. I should have guessed that in a low-cost enterprise there’s no room for Customer Service, face-to-face, face-to-screen, face-to-phone or face-to-anything. Thank you Vueling for making me see what a sucker for Customer Services I am.

  1. February 1, 2010 at 2:32 PM

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