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A Strategy-in-a-Day keeps the doctors away..

What do you do when you get an e-mail from a prospective client who’s come down with the flu, just after coming down with Shingels , which came after a double chest infections? Her family doctor doctor told her these were all stress related and that she either needed to quit her business, or fix her company.

What did she do next? She rang me! I had to laugh at the thought of doctors passing out prescriptions to over stressed entrepreneurs & corporate executives, sending them my way. I guess I can replace that old school fable with “a strategy in a day keeps the doctor away”, and we’ll just leave the apples for the teachers 😉

Some times, especially after a successful facilitation, workshop or update call with a client,  I have to pinch myself just to make sure I’m awake! I’m passionate about what I do, I have the priviledge to live out my purpose of empowering every relationship I touch, and most of all, I get to make a living at empowering other peoples lives! As my wife would say.. WOOOOOHOOOOOO!

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